Welcome Saints and Sinners

Welcome Saints and Sinners

From the kingdom of Hell, a new earth begins, from chaos and turmoil, the new world is released… As the phoenix rises from the ashes, so does Homicide Black, a continuum of three, with a roar of thousands… Paying homage to their musical roots, Homicide Black conjures images of darkness, despair and salvation (not always in that order), telling epic tales with some songs while delivering a straightforward onslaught of crushing metal with others. The music is truly brought to life during the band’s blistering live performances that include tributes to the metal gods designed to engage the audience and introduce metal’s rich history to new fans as well as reacquainting it with those who have waited far too long for their music to return to the epic stature it once had. Comprised of three integral elements, each formidable in his own right, combined they form an unstoppable force of crushing metal, the likes the metal world rarely witnesses. These three forces unite to form Homicide Black, the perfect remedy for a weary, ailing metal world. So unite all ye sinners and saints. Homicide Black has arrived to provide salvation.

The thunderous cannons launched by Jim “Jazz” Byers set the musical juggernaut into motion and barrel on throughout each groove-laden number in the band’s repertoire. A seasoned musician with numerous independent releases and national artist status under his belt, Jazz’s drums drive the music, allowing the songs to flourish and the tales to be told, all while pounding a dent into the chests of the metal-starved audiences that pack venues to experience Homicide Black.

Sean Nestor has a long history with Jazz, as the two have collaborated on many previous projects and have remained brothers in arms throughout the years. The guitarist, voice and head storyteller of the band, Sean has been around long enough to know how to deliver metal’s message, and does just that with vocals ranging from melodic musings to the insane screams of a lunatic mind. Sean’s mission is to engage every audience, creating an intimate theatre environment that renders no difference between the 1st or 40th row of the venue.

Completing the rhythm section is bassist Ralph McCartney. His vocals lend an essential dynamic, allowing for rich harmonies that are missed in many three-piece outfits.



We Will Remain
Call of the Void
End of Eternity